Accompaniments for violin students of the music school

Welcome on the website  Accompaniments for violin students of the music school .Our goal is not replacing the accompanist but preparing the student for the first meeting with the pianist.Learning the structure of the piece, building the intonation base and at last becoming familiar with the work will allow you not to loose time on your first rehearsal with the accompanist and to focus on making music.On our website you can find pieces for the beginners as well as for the advanced players.

You can find here:




·Hungarian Dances



·works of T. Zachary and Ch. Dancla

Composers are:

I.Albeniz, J.B.Accolay, J.S.Bach, L.van Beethoven, J.Brahms,

Ch.Beriot, L.Boccherini, P.Czajkowski, Ch.Dancla,  A.Dvorak,

G.I.Dinicu, J.H.Fioco, Ch.Gounod, F.J.Gossec, G.F.Händel,

J.Haydn, A.Huber, A.Jańszynow, F.Kuchler, F.Liszt,W.A.Mozart,

V.Monti, O.Nováček, M.Paganini, N.Rimski-Korsakow, O.Rieding,

F.Seitz, H.Sitt, Ch.C.Saint-Saëns, F.Schubert, Sarasate,

E.Toselli, A.Vivaldi

We wish you nice and productive practicing .


On the website ¨Royalty free music ¨ we present various music genres composed by workers of Classica Music Publisher.None of the pieces on the website has been sent to organisation in charge of the copyrights registration.All of the music works are property of Classica Music Publisher that will never execute charges for copyrights. The music can be used commercially with the restriction of no reselling .Commercial use means consent to use our music for:movies, advertisements , radio broadcasts, internet websites etc. If any of the pieces that was chosen by you is too short or too long, too loud or too quiet, please contact us and we will adjust it to your taste with pleasure.We can also compose an entirely new piece.Please define parameters ( music genre,time ,instrumentation etc) and send it to us. We will process your order as soon as possible.

we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.