O.Rieding – Concertino in D Major Op.25

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Before purchasing the accompaniment – O.Rieding – Concertino in D Major – please read carefully the notes below:

*To get to know our system choose : Ch.Dancla – Little School of Melody .You can use the first track(¨Romance ¨) free of charge

If you decide to purchase, process as follows: – choose ¨buy now/kup teraz¨ – fill out the order form and confirm your order – you will be redirected to the Paypal website – pay with PayPal or ,in case you don’t have a Paypal account, pay with a credit card (Visa ,MasterCard, etc.) – now you can go out form the Paypal website .

In the meantime you will get three e-mails:

1.account creation confirmation on our website with login ( given e-mail address) and password

2. confirmation of your paypal payment

3. link to your purchased item – click on the link form the third e-mail , write your login and password form the first email and …. that’s all . You can play

. Important:

*notes automatically scrolls to follow the music

*to start playing on the device with windows system click with your mouse in an area outside of the music notation,on the right or left side.Thanks to this ,no matter from which bar you begin,there will be always counted an empty bar.On the device with IOS system ,to start the music you need to click on the player.When the music loads to player ( it takes seconds) proceed as mentioned above.

*you can increase or decrease tempo of your recording using the window ¨ speed¨,which is located in the upper part ,next to the player. A measure of 1 means the tempo in which the accompaniment was recorded We advice you not to overpass 0,8 -1,25 as it might appear the sound distortion.

*If you want to practice particular part of the piece , open the window ´ menu ¨ and select ¨loop mode ¨.Then click one the bar before the part you want to practice and later select the final bar of your desired fragment. After pressing ¨start your selected excerpt will be played in the loop. When you are done practicing just uncheck loop mode in the menu.

*if you are disturbed by the shadow which follows the music ,you can turn it off by selecting ¨ no cursor ¨ in menu

* For concerts we have prepared Accompaniment 1 and Accompaniment 2 .The difference between them is that Accompaniment 1 is recorded in the same or slightly slower (15 bpm) tempo with all the differences ,like the Demo.The Accompaniment 2 is recorded in much slower tempo ( 30-40 bpm )and any accelerando or ritenuto are reduced to minimum.And so this is an accompaniment typically designed for practicing.Of course both of them you can slow down or speed up.

We invite you to use the accompaniment O.Rieding – Concertino in D Major and we wish you many successes

Oskar  Rieding   

1840 – Stettin               

1918 – Cilli

O.Rieding - Concertino in D Major Op. 25

by Classica | Student Concertos