J.Brahms / J.Joachim – Hungarian Dances

Hungarian Dances

J.Brahms-Hungarian dances. The legend has it that a pub in Vienna where Brahms liked to spend his time was often visited by a gypsy band. And it was the music of this band from where he took some folk motives on which he based his dances.In its original version ,Hungarian Dances were written for 2 pianos. Over time, the composer made a transcription  of some of the dances for a piano solo or orchestra. Arrangements on other instruments were made by many other composers (for example A.Dvorak). For violin and piano, the most known and at the same time the most difficult is the arrangement of violinist-virtuoso and friend of J.Brahms- J.Joachim. You can practice Hungarian Dances in J.Joachim’ s arrangement using the accompaniments on our website. A35 -second demo is included with each piece. Get to know it before buying. This is a fully functional fragment of the piece. Using the instructions provided try to: slow down and accelerate tempo, play any part in the loop

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